Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Create Your Own Free E-Store

If you haven't heard about Cafe Press, I just have to tell you about how cool it is that this site allows you to create a totally free one page "store" of your own that sells t-shirts, mugs, hoody jackets, bumper stickers, tile boxes, calendars etc...with your own artwork which you can then sell on your free page that is yours to set up. You can upload a saying, or express yourself any way you want. You can just upload your design and order one single item yourself or sell tons of things on a site you create for yourself. You CAN create a multi page store at a nominal monthly fee, and have more designs, but a simple page site is free, and the cool thing is that they do all the work for you! You upload the artwork....set up your page if you want(easy), set the price and Cafe Press processes the order, prints the item, ships the product and sends you a check! They have some cool products and as there is a standard price for each item, you can set your price to whatever you think appropriate and you get a check for the difference. The page I linked to shows the main site where people can search for your product, but if you have a blog or anywhere to post a picture of your artwork or photo or graphics t-shirt, you can link it to your site to get some customers. I see these links on sites and I am always curious to see if it is a Cafe Press product and it usually is. Even if you are a Plumber you can create a company t-shirt for your employees. For my 11 year old daughter who is into riding horses, this is much better than babysitting or a lemonade stand as a way to be entrepreneurial and make a little $$. She is selling horse related t-shirts to the girls at the barn this summer. There are so many ways to play with this, and I just thought I would pass it on. I know I will have some products for my new business as soon as we launch. I am sure to put a Cafe Press link on this blog too! Have fun!


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