Monday, February 20, 2006

Organization and Creativity

The one thing I have found to be absolutely true for me is that when my house (and therefore my life) is in chaos and disorder, I can never get into my studio and live up to my creative potential. A messy house steals time from my life, but I have found something that works for this cleaning challenged soul (when I do it) may have also heard of FLYLADY and scoffed at the idea because it comes across a little hokey, but I have to admit, this program has helped me tremendously. I must say I still only do bits and parts, but as a whole this system has changed my life. I HATE to do housework and I used to let it weigh like an anchor around my neck, smothering all my creative impulses because I was too overwhelmed with all the DAILY stuff. The whole concept behind FLYLADY is to create small routines for different parts of your day. It is free to join and you will get TONS of email, but the email gives you different 15 minute cleaning chores a day, and with that alone, the "messy-house-can't-think-straight" creativity stealer will no longer rear it's ugly head. Try it! It's a little goofy, but from the email testimonials that I works for A LOT of people and frees them up to live their lives in much more positive ways. We can all use our extra time and creative juice to contribute to the world!!!!! Even if you don't join the email group, her book, Sink Reflections is quite helpful.


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