Monday, August 25, 2008

Create A Colorblend

ColorBlender is a web-based tool for creating color palettes (here referred to as "blends") for web design and other types of digital design.

The main feature of the tool is to have a complete "blend" of 6 matching colors created when choosing only one "base" color. This makes it very quick and easy to create a color scheme for e.g. a website, as you can instantly use the colors for text, backgrounds, links, border etc.

This is one of the easiest ways to come up with a color scheme for online use and it's even easy to upload the colors into photoshop and the like. When you are satisfied with your "blend" you can save it so you can access it later.

Clicking the "Photoshop Color Table (.ACT)" button will let you download the blend as a small file that can be imported into Adobe Photoshop (see the FAQ for more info).

"Send blend by email" will give you a single URL to open your current blend directly. This let you "bookmark" the blend in your web browser or even send the blend via email. In this way, the recipient can view your blend, and eventually fine tune it, export it, etc.

In Adobe Photoshop, open the Swatches palette. In the upper right corner menu of the palette, choose either "Replace Swatches..." or "Load Swatches...". From the file dialog, be sure to select the "Color Table (*.ACT)" file type, then locate the *.ACT file you just saved. Click "Load". The colors of the blend will now be loaded into the Swatches palette, ready for use in Photoshop!

Try it, it's completely free, though you can certainly make a donation.


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