Saturday, June 28, 2008

Visualize Your Completed Redecorating Project Before You Start!

With the summer heat upon us, we're spending some time indoors, where the air conditioning keeps things nice and cool. However, some things inside your house may be calling out for a change! You may be contemplating doing some redecoration...but where to begin?

Maybe you don't like the floors. Or, maybe you want to shake things up by moving your furniture. However, before you get started with projects like this, you probably want to do a little planning. Otherwise, you could end up with a mess on your hands or a decorating mistake.

PlanningWiz has a free tool that will help. You simply begin by entering the dimensions of your room. Then you can begin to add existing structural elements like doors, arches and windows. Now you're ready to have some fun!

You can add new structural elements to your room—if you're planning on doing some heavy-duty remodeling. You can also change the floor covering. Then add furniture to see how things will look. Once you're done, save or e-mail your plan for future reference.


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