Thursday, December 27, 2007

Drawing Lessons

It has been too long since I have added any cool sites, but I have been bookmarking like crazy, so I have lots of recommendations for the new year! I will be blogging regularly in 2008, but as 2007 marked the launch of our business, Wall Dressed Up...mural transfers for instantly stylish walls. and I was a bit too "crazy busy " to post with regularity here.

I will write a bit about our Mural business as time goes on, but for today, I wanted to suggest a site with lots of great Drawing Lessons. Obviously, art is my thing and I would have loved to have had access to a site like this when I was learning to draw. I believe that you can LEARN to draw, it is not an inherited talent. Everyone always says that. They never really say it about musical instruments; they know you have to spend hours and hours practicing the piano for instance. For some reason people never think you have to practice art to get better. That is SO not true. It is true, that some will have an interest in art that makes them practice until they can express it the way they see it in their heads (I always say that is half the work), but everyone can learn to draw, we just give up too early in life! So here Drawing Lessons is a site that will teach you a few things....and if you want to be an artist,
draw every day!

P.S. How did I learn to draw? I really love animals, but when I was 7 , we had to give our dog (an adorable Sheltie named Ginger) away because my brother was allergic. I was so sad, and I wanted a dog so badly and I also loved horses, so I got lots of books about dogs and horses from the library and started to copy the illustrations. The BEST lessons came from the books by C.W. Anderson. He illustrated books about horses in pencil drawings that were just amazing! I wanted to be able to draw like that, so I just practiced over and over and over again. People always tell me I have talent, but really, I just practiced until I could draw the way I wanted to.


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