Thursday, May 09, 2013

Antique Distressed Floral Wood DIY

This is actially a print! You can order many items with this printed on them here, even iphone cases! but it gives me an idea...I think you could glue or modge-podge a floral paper to wood, let it dry COMPLETELY, then take some sandpaper to it. Finish with a poly stain? to protect and give it an even older look or a tea-stained appearance. Would LOVE to see this on a dresser, but anything really. I'm not even a floral person, but this look, I LOVE!!

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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Poems On Your Pillows...DIY

Just love the idea of words on pillowcases...could be a poem, or lyrics to a favorite song. Sharpies are awesome!! More pictures and tutorial here...

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Decorate With Murals and Wall Tattoos

Decorate With Murals and Wall Tattoos

Now you can decorate bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, any room - with the theme of your choice - for a fraction of the expense.

Theme Rooms Without the Expense

By the time you pay for all the items to give one room a theme look you've spent plenty of cash. Coordinating lamps, wall hangings, linens, curtains, even small things like coasters or drawer knobs, can cost a fortune. There's a different way to have a coordinated theme look for any room and spend only a fraction of the money.

Wall murals have been around for ages but nowadays, new designs in paper and images make them completely different than the old fashioned type of murals. The new murals are more vivid and much easier to hang. And, some are even printed so there are breaks in the design that show your own painted walls between the images. New repositionable wall decals make decorating even easier!

Wall murals and decals make decorating easy. You just choose a theme, like jungle, seas, gardens, clouds, or children's themes and you're able to do an entire wall in no time. After doing the wall you only need to add a few more things, like color coordinated bedding, to complete the look of the room. Something similar to the wall murals are the new wall tattoos. They come in themes as well and make it easy to do large or small areas in the theme design. The great thing about them is that they go on easily and can be placed anywhere. Purchase a wall tattoo theme, such as a large oak tree, and it will come with several smaller designs, like butterflies, picket fences, birds or other designs. You can also find decorative patterned designs like the patterned dots in the picture above!

The wall tattoos are designed to go on like rub-on appliques. Tape the entire design to the wall, use a popsicle stick to rub it onto the wall, then peel away the paper. Although the tattoos aren't stencils, so they can't be reused, they are designed to last a long time with simple care. Just wipe the design off with a damp cloth, every so often, and that's all the care they need.


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Monday, March 09, 2009

What Are Wall Transfers?

By Dawn Hall

Create the look and feel of hand painted borders and murals, without the expensive price tag, using rub on wall transfers. With designs suitable for little ones as well as grown ups, you are sure to find styles that will look great in any room of your home.

What are wall transfers? To answer that question, let me get off track for just a minute. Have you ever heard of temporary tattoos? If you have any little ones around, there is a good chance that you have! Kids love temporary tattoos, small paper-backed designs that are easily transferred to arms, hands and legs. Using a wet cloth to loosen the design from the paper backing, the tattoo is transferred to the skin, and lasts for a couple of days.

Transfers for walls are similar to temporary tattoos. The art design comes on a paper backing. Some are transferred to the walls using water, but most use an applicator tool, not water, to rub the transfer onto the wall surface. Applied properly, it's virtually impossible to differentiate between a wall transfer and a handpainted design!

Although they look handpainted, wall art transfers cost substantially less than hiring a painter or muralist to paint a design for you. Smaller designs will set you back twenty dollars or so. Larger mural-sized transfers may cost one hundred dollars or more, but this is still much less than it would cost to hire a professional. Also, if you are a do it yourselfer, you will appreciate the fact that they take much less time to apply than hand painting.

They also come in a variety of sizes and styles. Flowers and foliage, architectural details, bugs, birds, and animals, fairies, and more - virtually anything you can imagine having painted on your walls! Letters and favorite sayings are also available. If you are thinking of decorating a nursery or play room, they even have licensed designs, such as the Disney Princesses and Pooh Bear.

You will be surprised at how simply you can remove your wall rub ons when it is time to redecorate. It is a good idea to hang on to the manufacturer's directions that explain the best way to remove the designs. However, believe it or not, most can simply be painted right over. You will need to first coat the design with a good primer once or twice, but then you should be able to repaint. Sounds easy, doesn't it - and you thought this was going to be difficult, didn't you!

Wall transfers are quickly becoming favorite home decorating accessories for homeowers looking to add a personal touch to their living spaces. They give you the look of expensive hand painted designs, only without the time and money needed for those types of projects!

Did you know that you can create a beautiful ocean mural by using wall transfers? Would you like to find out how? Visit Dawn Hall's online wall murals website to learn more.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wall Dressed Up Enters StartupNation Home-Based 100 Competition

We just entered The StartupNation Home-Based 100 Competition and would love your vote! StartupNation is a great site by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs and is a huge source of information for startup businesses. Below is a summary of our entry. We entered in 2 categories-Boomers Back in Business, and Most Innovative!

We would of course love the exposure that being a winner of this competition would give Wall Dressed Up. What a great way to let more people know about this fabulous new decorating product. We would really appreciate your vote! Help spread the word about these wonderful mural transfers! Thanks!

Wall Dressed Up manufactures and sells mural transfers that you simply rub onto your wall!

We started Wall Dressed Up last fall after several years of research to find just the right mural transfer product for our business. We are two artists/moms coming back into the business world with a mural product that easily rubs onto your wall, almost like a tattoo!

These transfer murals simply becomes part of your wall, just like a thin coat of paint. This is not a sticker! Every original brush stroke and shadow is reproduced in high resolution detail and shadows make the artwork pop! All you need to do is rub it on the wall! You can now beautifully decorate flat or textured walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, mirrors and more without even a single drop of paint!

We are thrilled to be starting this business and taking advantage of new technology to promote and sell our affordable murals. We feel this is a great and inexpensive way to add mural artwork to as many walls as possible. We have our website, blog and are also selling our murals on Amazon. We have a few boutique stores who carry our murals and are busy building the business.

We would like to be considered for the startupnation Home-Based 100 Competition as we have gone from a kernel of an idea to the start of a thriving online business. We opened less than a year ago, in October of 2007. We are 2 artist/moms, living in different states, who searched for 2 years for this thin-as-paint transfer printing. The printing technology itself is amazing.

It was a childhood memory of a rub down transfer coloring book that sparked our first thought of combining printed transfers with our mural art.

We learned how to build a website ourselves, get our product manufactured, and came up with the start up funds to open and market our business. We used many resources and ideas here on the startupnation website (it's a great source of ideas and information) as we progressed along the many steps of starting a business.

Thanks for considering Wall Dressed Up for the Home-Based 100 Competition!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Create A Colorblend

ColorBlender is a web-based tool for creating color palettes (here referred to as "blends") for web design and other types of digital design.

The main feature of the tool is to have a complete "blend" of 6 matching colors created when choosing only one "base" color. This makes it very quick and easy to create a color scheme for e.g. a website, as you can instantly use the colors for text, backgrounds, links, border etc.

This is one of the easiest ways to come up with a color scheme for online use and it's even easy to upload the colors into photoshop and the like. When you are satisfied with your "blend" you can save it so you can access it later.

Clicking the "Photoshop Color Table (.ACT)" button will let you download the blend as a small file that can be imported into Adobe Photoshop (see the FAQ for more info).

"Send blend by email" will give you a single URL to open your current blend directly. This let you "bookmark" the blend in your web browser or even send the blend via email. In this way, the recipient can view your blend, and eventually fine tune it, export it, etc.

In Adobe Photoshop, open the Swatches palette. In the upper right corner menu of the palette, choose either "Replace Swatches..." or "Load Swatches...". From the file dialog, be sure to select the "Color Table (*.ACT)" file type, then locate the *.ACT file you just saved. Click "Load". The colors of the blend will now be loaded into the Swatches palette, ready for use in Photoshop!

Try it, it's completely free, though you can certainly make a donation.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Visualize Your Completed Redecorating Project Before You Start!

With the summer heat upon us, we're spending some time indoors, where the air conditioning keeps things nice and cool. However, some things inside your house may be calling out for a change! You may be contemplating doing some redecoration...but where to begin?

Maybe you don't like the floors. Or, maybe you want to shake things up by moving your furniture. However, before you get started with projects like this, you probably want to do a little planning. Otherwise, you could end up with a mess on your hands or a decorating mistake.

PlanningWiz has a free tool that will help. You simply begin by entering the dimensions of your room. Then you can begin to add existing structural elements like doors, arches and windows. Now you're ready to have some fun!

You can add new structural elements to your room—if you're planning on doing some heavy-duty remodeling. You can also change the floor covering. Then add furniture to see how things will look. Once you're done, save or e-mail your plan for future reference.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

How to Paint Professional Looking Words on Your Walls

Paint Professional Looking Words on Your Walls
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You don't have to be an artist to paint a sentiment, a quote, or child's name on the wall. Just follow these directions and you can get a very professional looking result, adding a personal touch to any room in your home.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • Computer w/ Word Processing program
  • Printer
  • Use of a Copy Machine
  • Transfer Paper (like carbon paper but not as smudgy, available at art or craft stores)
  • Blue Painters Tape
  • chalk, pencil
  • ballpoint pen
  • Yard stick
  • Level
  • Acrylic paint in bottles
  • Small Lettering Brush

Decide what you would like to paint on your wall. If you need inspiration, Google "famous quotes".
It can be interesting to use a quote in another language. Google "free translation" to translate what you would like to paint. Another idea is to paint your child's name in their bedroom, they will love it!
Paint or faux finish wall where you plan to paint words in desired color
Type your quote on computer, experimenting with fonts until you find one that you like. Make the font as large as you can. Print a copy. If not large enough, take to a copy store and enlarge to the size you need. It doesn't matter if it is on several sheets of paper, you can tape them together if necessary.
Using a level and yardstick and tiny pencil or chalk marks on the wall to make sure the lines of your letters are straight, tape sheet of copied words to wall using tape only at top. Now slide transfer paper (make sure you have the transferring side of the paper facing the wall) underneath the sheet of copied words, and tape with small pieces of tape to secure.
With a pencil or ballpoint pen, trace letters on copied sheet. When you are done you should have the words on your wall.
Outline with a small brush, paint them in.

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